Featured Expert: Sukant Khurana


Dr. Sukant Khurana is an interdisciplinary scientist with a passion in neuroscience, drug-discovery, computation, AI, and data science. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of an innovative data science company, Data Is Not Just Data, that develops new tools and solves high end data-analytics problems. The organization also spends half its time doing sustainable development work.

Dr. Khurana’s PhD training was interdisciplinary – neuroscience from UT Austin and mathematics from NYU. He was then a postdoc researcher at UT Austin and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in drug discovery and artificial intelligence. Dr. Khurana was also a Principal Investigator at IISER-K.

In addition to pursuing science and technology in academic and industry set-up, Dr. Khurana has penned several popular science articles and books and has created visual art on science-related topics that is on display in top venues around the globe. His work has also been in popular press. Recently, he helped develop a novel antioxidant from silk cocoon, which was covered by Nature News. He collaborates on a broad spectrum of science, science writing, and science outreach efforts.

Specializations: Human Behavior, Behavioral Medicine, Neuropsychology, Data Analysis, Electrophysiology, Animal Behavior, Data Processing, Mathematical Models, Developmental Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Biology, Drug Therapy, Biotechnology, Probability & Statistics, Neuropathology, Computational Sciences, Biostatistics, Conservation Biology, Physiology, Computer Programming, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Neural Computation, Databases & Database Management, Behavioral Genetics, Alcoholism, Psychoactive Drugs, Biological Engineering, Computer Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Drug Interactions, Robotics, Behavior Therapy, Bioelectromagnetism and Natural Computation

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