Literature Review – Key Points To Remember


Literature Review is about reading, a lot of reading. Books, articles, monographs, journals, dissertations and so much more. That said, it is easy to get lost in research, following are some key points to keep in mind before starting your review. How about taking a print out of graphic below to keep reminding you and keeping you on track?

Kolabtree Guide To Literature Search Or Review Infographic


Focus On Goal:

Write down the goal, and make you stay on track. There is so much brilliant research materials out in the world that it’s easy to digress and branch out. But remember, there is always the next literature review you can do, let’s finish this one first.

Selective and Specific:

While choosing the research materials, make sure you spend enough time to select exactly what pertains to your research. There will be materials specific to your research, dig them out!

Unique Hypothesis:

Its an established fact that there are numerous research publications already, so it all boils down to your Hypothesis, how unique your approach is.

Research Methods:

Every discipline is best handled with certain methodologies. Do not feel restricted due to lack of expertise in a different discipline, hire experts from Kolabtree to assist you with choosing the perfect methods and executing them.


Stating the obvious, without clear organization, and structure, you are bound to have a domino effect with every setback. Plan and execute for success.


More than citations are needs to establish your point. Make your research, results and more conclusive, with a qualitative approach as opposed to quantitative entries.


Based on your research methodology, you have established certain results, it’s very important to validate the same with both experts and scientific proof.

Time Bound:

Create a calendar with clear deliverables, never lose track of deadlines. Only this will ensure you move forward.

Open Mindedness:

This is the most important element in Literature Research. Be open, be curious, ask questions, seek solutions and most of all communicate. It’s very important to be open to criticisms and be critical yourself.

Good luck with your literature review!

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