Featured Expert: Koen Hufkens


Dr. Koen Hufkens is an ecosystem ecologist and his research involves modelling ecosystem responses to climate change. He’s currently a research associate at Harvard University, where he also doubles up as the open source hardware and software developer. Due to his research, he’s developed extensive big data skills, using a variety of data sources (remote sensing, gridded climate data, citizen science annotations, etc). He’s also got a sound (statistical) modelling background.

Dr. Hufkens models ecosystem processes, such as vegetation growth or drought / disturbance resistance, using various (retrospective) proxy measurements in a model data fusion approach. His work is interdisciplinary, borrowing from image vision processing (computer science), remote sensing and engineering.

Specialties: Mathematical Models, Plant Physiology, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Probability & Statistics, Biogeography, Spectroscopy Ecology, Applied Ecology, Software Engineering

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