Kolabtree sailing strong with over 2,000 experts on board


Kolabtree, an on-demand platform that offers PhD-qualified experts for short-term projects, is proud to announce that it registered over 2000 experts and is fully equipped to support and execute projects demanding scientific and editorial expertise for clients. Experts registered on Kolabtree are specialists in disciplines across the life sciences, applied sciences, chemistry, computer science, physics, mathematics, social sciences, and medicine. This breadth of talent supports various services in data science, experimental design, statistical analysis, literature review, editing, and writing. Currently, the online platform caters to clients from 22 countries, including small business owners, startups, authors, and researchers in need of interdisciplinary expertise.


Starting with a handful of services central to scientific research, Kolabtree today provides access to over 2000 PhD-qualified experts and has attracted projects worth over $200,000 to date. Its recent success stories include a fact-checking project from a patented genomics platform that translates raw genetic data into actionable reports for heart disease patients and a literature search project about treating PTSD to support proposed legal changes in Texas. Ashmita Das, Co-Founder – Kolabtree, has a clear vision about the platform’s immense potential. She asserted, “PhDs are problem-solvers who relish challenging projects. We want to democratize access to these highly talented experts for startups, small businesses, science-oriented organizations, and organizations with limited budgets.”


Many experts have been vocal about the platform and expressed their appreciation for the nature of opportunities available to them.

“As an Astrophysicist, I know I have a lot of data science skills that are sorely needed in industry and other fields of science but I have had very little opportunity to get involved in these kinds of projects. Kolabtree has made it seamless and easy to connect with people in different fields. ” – Dr. Michelle Lochner, Postdoc at a university in London.

“Kolabtree has opened up a new type of project for me, one that fits my expertise and experience, but which I’d never explored before.” – Dr. Allan MacVicar, an assistant professor in 20th-century French poetry and film who likes to freelance as a French-to-English translator.


A recent New York Times article indicated an 83% increase in the number of PhDs since 1992. However, only half of them secure jobs in academia and merely a quarter land tenure-track positions. Although PhDs primarily seek employment in academia, the trend is not supported institutionally, even in research hubs like the US. Given this disparity caused by an acute dearth of job opportunities in academia, Kolabtree is an exciting avenue for PhD experts to apply their trained expertise to freelance assignments.

For more information, visit: https://www.kolabtree.com/


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